Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Golf Season Is Almost Here! Tips To Get You Ready To Hit The Course.

It's April! The grass is green, the trees are budding and the tulips are sprouting. It's almost golf season! In preparation for this wondrous event, there are three areas women golfers should focus on: your equipment, body, and practice routine.

First, address your golf clubs. Few of us thoroughly clean our clubs at the end of the season or store them in an airtight room. It’s important to give your clubs a bath from top to bottom, including the grips, before heading back out onto the course. Also, it can’t hurt to visit a pro shop or golf outlet to scope out new equipment. There are always many new, cute items from golf bags to shirts and shoes, to fun accessories that can help you start off the season looking great, even if your golf game is a little rusty. Or, check out the new club options if you want to try something new or need more advanced golf clubs. A new wedge or putter is always fun to try!

Next up is conditioning. After several months of winter, going right out to play golf is a recipe for injury. Stretch regularly. Go to the gym. Join a yoga class. Whatever you choose, get moving and work those core muscles.

Finally, there’s your golf game. Just going to the driving range can somtimes be a waste of time because most strokes are lost near and around the greens. Be sure to spend extra time practicing your chipping and putting. Or, better yet, see a pro and schedule a few lessons to instill good habits for the new season from the start. My boyfriend bought me a set of lessons for my birthday last fall and I’ve been hoarding them for “spring training”, which will start for me in the next week or two (providing we don’t get any more snow!!!).

Happy golfing!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Barbie Golf Clubs...What will they think of next?

No, this isn't an April Fool's joke. The folks at Mattel have developed pink Barbie golf club sets for little girls. Just growing evidence that the female golfer population is growing in leaps and bounds!

These beginner junior golf club sets come in two sizes: 4-6 yrs old and 6-9 yrs old. This basic starter golf set includes a Fairway driver, a dual identity 6/7 iron, a blade putter, a pink Barbie carry golf bag, a adjustable visor, a pink Barbie golf ball, pink golf tees and a Barbie ball marker.

The 6-9 year old girls can also choose the deluxe golf set that includes a 15 degree fairway/driver with headcover, 2 dual identity irons- 6/7, 9/W, a blade putter, a pink and white Barbie golf stand bag, 10- golf tees and 5- golf ball markers, 1 pink Barbie golf ball, an adjustable Barbie visor and hair scrunchy.


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