Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2009 Ladies Golf Accessories From Ame & Lulu Now Available!

Be the first to get your hands on the new 2009 line of ladies headcovers, golf tee bags, golf accessory bags, golf shoe bags, cosmetic bags, golf ball holders and ladies golf belts from Ame & Lulu! This year they didn't let us down - their collection is just as colorful and unique as always, if not a little better. Find fun prints in brown, blue, pink and green that are sure to spice up your golf look for the new year! There are two major changes with this collection. First, the ladies headcovers sets include 3 head covers, instead of 4 from previous collections. Second, they added a new ladies carryall accessory bag with 3 zippered compartments to help you stay organized on the golf course. Overall, I love the new look and think you will, too!

Pink Golf Tees

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Anonymous said...

Did you notice on the Ame & Lulu website that the tennis backpack will be coming out soon?