Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Perfect Little Black Skort - Part 1

We've looked far and wide for the perfect black golf skort and have come up with 3 winners. The first is the Born Fit Oxford Skort.

Why we love this skort:
  1. It fits great! We've had dozens of ladies try on this golf skort (of all different shapes and sizes) and it fit every single woman wonderfully. That's not something I can say about most skirts!
  2. It's super comfortable. I wore this skort more often last spring/summer/fall than any other piece in my wardrobe.
  3. The under shorts don't ride up. Whether walking the dog, running a half marathon or going to the grocery store, the under shorts with this skort won't move! I can't tell you how many skorts I've tried where I'm constantly tugging at the shorts - I've never had that problem with this skort!
  4. It's great for all activities - golf, running, walking, riding your bike, yoga and anything else you can thing of!
  5. This skort is also available as a Maternity skort, which is great because there aren't too many options out there for maternity activewear.
The skort is pictured in Charcoal, but is also available in Black and Navy (coming soon!).

- Jen

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