Friday, March 30, 2012

Myntt Sportswear Ladies Golf Apparel

We love small, boutique brands of ladies golf apparel and accessories, so we were excited to come across Myntt Sportswear. Stand out on the golf course with the eye-catching patterns found with their golf skorts. Two years of development went into the design of these golf skorts and have been voted the most comfortable golf skort by many golfers. These are a great addition to wardrobe this golf season!


Anonymous said...

My favorite golf skirt EVER! It's comfortable, comes out of the wash great, and dare I say... it makes my bottom look fabulous! I'm buying more!

Ladies Golf Tops said...

Very beautiful skirt I have ever seen,I'll love to play Golf by wearing it. Nice Blog will stop by again.

beela jhones said...

I want some Ladies Golf Shoes for winter season which must be comfortable and stylish too. Can you suggest me which on-line store is better in UK?