Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pre-Order New Glove It Bags & Accessories!

​We just added the new 2015 line of ​ladies golf bags and ​accessories by ​Glove It to the store. There are 6 new bold prints this year: Kiwi Largo, Orchid Medallion. Indigo, Ironworks, Poppy and Aqua Rain and each print is available in a women's golf bag, golf towel, accessory bag, shoe bag, glove, visor, club covers and tennis backpack. Glove It also introduced a new stand golf bag this year in addition to their signature cart bags. We'll be adding the matching duffel bags and tote bags soon. This new collection will be in stock and start shipping in early December, so preorder your favorite new looks today to secure delivery in time for the holidays!

New Glove It Golf Visors


Mark Elgort said...

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Mark Elgort said...
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Daily Sports USA said...

I really like the new line of ​ladies golf bags and ​accessories by ​Glove It, especially because they have matching items for complete look.

Cutler Bags USA said...

Glove It bags and accessories are perfect. I especially like this line of beautiful and bold prints.