Thursday, May 27, 2010

5 Reasons I Love My Golf Bag

Your golf bag is probably one of the most essential pieces of golf equipment you own. Sure, your clubs probably cost more, but it would sure be difficult to get out and play nine holes without your trusty golf bag to house your clubs. I am currently on my 3rd golf bag. When I started playing golf, there didn't seem to be too many options for ladies golf bags, granted I didn't look too hard, either. This season I had several options of golf bags and had a very difficult time deciding on the golf bag for this season. So far, I've been very pleased with my final decision!

I purchased the RJ Sports Boutique Houndstooth Golf Bag and matching golf club covers in January and I've finally gotten a chance to use it a couple of times. I couldn't be happier with my choice.

1. Price. At only $130, this bag is a great value for the price!

2. Features. This ladies golf bag has just about any feature you could ask for - some of the features that aren't even found on more expensive bags - including an insulated cooler pocket and 2 external putter wells.

3. Weight. This is one of the lighter weight cart bags I've seen, weighs only around 8 lbs, which sure doesn't hurt when its loaded down with my golf clubs and other accessories.

4. Looks. The first thing a lady who I played golf with recently said after our initial introductions was "your bag is so pretty!". That pretty much sums it up! I love that the houndstooth print isn't too overwhelming on the bag and it offers a look that will be stylish for several golf seasons.

5. Organization. My previous golf bag only had 7 or 8 dividers, so I always had to stuff multiple clubs in the same hole. With this bag, I now have 14 dividers, which makes it easier for me to find the correct club quickly. And my clubs don't rattle around so badly in my bag, too!

If you're not crazy about houndstooth, this women's golf bag is also available in Zebra and Polka Dot prints!

- Jen

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1 comment:

Lim Shuyan said...

love the golf bag ! the external putter wells look like a good idea. my bag doesn't have a specific putter pocket so this will be a feature i'll probably look out for in my next bag