Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tips For Finding The Right Golf Tournament Prizes

We're at the time of year where most women's golf groups are planning for their fall ladies golf tournaments. If you're looking for tournament prizes or tournament gifts for your ladies, here are some tips to help the process go smoothly.

1. Set a budget. We talk to many groups who fall in love with a specific ladies golf accessory for a prize idea, but then cannot get the budget to make the purchase and are then disappointed with what is left in their price range. Know your budget, then start your shopping. What is a reasonable budget? Most of the groups we work with have a budget of $8-$40/participant.

2. Pick items everyone will like. The main goal should be to find golf items that are unique, but still something that everyone would actually use or find interesting. Our most popular women's golf accessories for tournaments are accessory bags, golf ball holders, crystal ball markers, ball marker necklaces, and golf towels.

3. Have a backup plan. While we try very hard to prevent this, sometimes there just isn't enough inventory available for the larger tournament orders. When you meet with your women's golf event committee or group, be sure to have the ladies pick 1 or 2 acceptable backup options in the event your first choice isn't available. This will save you a lot of time later if you find out the approved choice isn't available and you have to call a 2nd meeting to pick a new option.

4. Allow plenty of time for the prizes to arrive. For large orders it can take an extra 1-3 weeks, depending on the time of year and the inventory availability for specific items.

5. Plan for any extras you might need. Often, a golf group will purchase their tournament order and then call back in a panic just days before their event because they underestimated the number of gifts they needed. While we are always happy to help you out with your event, there are things to consider for last minute orders such as expedited shipping fees, items no longer being available or on backorder, etc. If you are afraid of ordering too many items, check the store's return policy. We will accept tournament item returns within 30 days of your order, so you can always return any extra tournament gifts to Pink Golf Tees.

6. Discounts. Many women's golf stores will offer tournament discounts. You will have to ask, as it is not something you can find on the websites. The actual discount will be closely tied to the quantity of products you order and the actual item itself.

For more information on planning your ladies golf event gifts or for golf tournament discount information, please contact

- Jen

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