Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trying Out the Callaway Solaire Golf Clubs

A few golf club manufacturers have recently started to show more attention to women golfers by offering more high end ladies golf clubs. One of these companies is Callaway and I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity this summer to try out the new Callaway Solaire golf clubs. These clubs made their official debut at this year's PGA Show in Orlando.

The Solaire ladies golf set is available as a 9-piece set (MSRP $599.95) and 14-piece set (MSRP $899.95). Each set includes an all-titanium driver, stainless steel fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, a mallet putter and a versatile cart bag.

The Looks: the golf bag looks really sharp. Several ladies at the driving range and golf course made comments about how pretty the bag was. The pockets are pretty good and I always like the insulated cooler pocket. Overall, it looks great!

The Clubs: Coming from a golfer who has yet to break 100 (although I've gotten close!), I'm not sure how helpful or accurate my experience will be, so please keep that in mind. That being said, I enjoyed using these clubs.

The iron and wedges are great. Easy to swing and I consistently hit well with them. One thing that caught my attention is that there is no 9 iron (I had the 9 pc set). I only really noticed because my 9 iron is one of my favorite clubs and I use it all the time. It did seem that I was hitting the pitching wedge farther than normal, so the 9 iron probably wouldn't be missed too much.

The driver was equally well designed. It felt really nice in my hands and was weighted nicely. I was driving the ball 170-200 yards (with roll), which is pretty good for me.

Fairway woods have always been a challenge for me and they usually don't leave my bag. I did try the 5w that came with the set, but it was not one of my more successful clubs.

The two hybrids that came with the set are great (6h and 7h). I just started playing with hybrids last season and really enjoy using them.

All in all, this is a very nice club set specifically designed for women. It is nice to see a golf company show more attention to the women. The 9 piece set is a great starter set and the 14 piece adds a few more clubs for the more experienced golfer. Check them out if you ever get the chance.

- Jen

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Matt Hagens said...

Are they available in different lengths, grip sizes and flexes? We've had luck selling Nancy Lopez equipment because of all the fitting options.

Pat said...

Good review of these clubs. I love Callaway and have used them for years. They are known for the attention they give to developing products for women and this new set seems like it will be a success. One thing I would do is get fitted for the clubs if at all possible rather than buy the whole set at once. That way you're sure that the shaft is the right one for your swing. I bet if you call Callaway directly they will direct you to a local pro who can do the fitting for you. And then you can order the clubs as you need them, or the whole set at once provided you can get exactly the clubs with the right fitting specs.

Golf said...

Good golf clubs can be purchased at most large sporting goods stores. These large sporting goods stores at a good price, but usually a limited selection of characters. If you are happy with a good set of golf clubs, then you can probably find something that fits you with these super stores. Again, if you have any problems with the club, you can always go back and get a replacement. A big problem with going to a sporting goods store that is super staff that would be more likely to have little or no experience to help you make a good choice.