Friday, June 27, 2014

Our Favorite Sun Sleeves

We've tried several brands of sun sleeves and we keep coming back to the sunsleeves by Iconic. We love them for several reasons. First, they're really comfortable sleeves. They are lightweight, breathable and keep you cool, even on very hot days. Second, they actually stay up! You won't find yourself constantly tugging up these sleeves - they stay in place even when you are being active. Lastly, we love that these sun sleeves are available in 20 (yes, twenty) different colors and patterns. White is by far our most popular selling color, but if you want to mix it up, you can choose from zebra print, fuchsia, floral prints and more! These sleeves are rated to UPF 50+, so your arms will stay protected all day while you're out in the sun.

Iconic also makes Leg Coolers, Sun Gaiters, and Sun Gloves as part of their sun protection line that all offer UPF 50+ protection.

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