Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hybrid Golf Club Testing - Part 3

I finally had a chance to take the new Sweet Spot Think Pink 4h club to the driving range. After my normal warm up routine, I hit the first few balls. Initially, I found it difficult to keep my body down through my swing with this club. I switched over to another club, and I hit that one fine, so I went back to the Sweet Spot hybrid and started focusing on what my problem was. After a few more attempts, I started seeing better results with this club. I also found that by slightly teeing up the ball (1/4 inch or so) helped immensely. I am excited to see how this club works in getting the ball out of the deep stuff during my next golf game. From what I've seen on the driving range, I think it will work great for those tricky shots! I spent about a half hour with this hybrid club and think it has great potential for me. I find that I have to really focus with each shot to make sure that I stay down on the ball. When I do this, the results are GREAT! I hit several shots in the 160-170 range. With some additional practice and use, I think it will become easier for me to hit this club. The practice will be well worth it since I am very happy with the distance I get from the Sweet Spot club!

I did find it interesting that this 22 degree club had about the same loft as the 29 degree 5h that I also tested (the Cobra Lady Baffler).

Bottom line, I understand what the lady on the golf course meant when she said "hybrids changed my life!". I don't know that I'll ever replace all my irons (she played with a complete set of hybrids), but so far I have replaced the 4 and 5 irons in my golf bag with hybrids without a second thought.


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