Friday, April 16, 2010

Fun, Flirty Golf Book By The Golf Girl

Patricia Hannigan, known as The Golf Girl, just published her first book titled Golf Girl's Little Tartan Book. Patricia authors one of today's most popular golf blogs and her witty outlook from the blog translates through to her book.

I just finished reading the book last night and loved it! The book is a great mix of golf history, etiquette, fashion tips, and stories featuring key golfers, all from a woman's perspective. Patricia's lighthearted commentary and personal antidotes that will leave you laughing and feeling more confident about your golf game, no matter the state of your game. And, you'll never feel bad about being a woman on the golf course ever again. After reading her book, I definitely feel inspired as I approach this golf season!

This is a must read for any woman golfer or woman who is considering picking up the game of golf. This will make a great Mother's Day gift!

- Jen

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