Sunday, April 11, 2010

Golf Apparel Basics Never Go Out of Style!

While I have a whole closet full of really cute golf clothes (seriously, how can you be around such cute golf stuff day in and day out and NOT accumulate an obscene amount of it???), I always find myself going back to the basics. A solid black golf shirt or white golf skort might sound boring, but think about it. Whether wearing my favorite black sleeveless golf shirt (it just goes with everything!) or my 2 favorite white golf skorts, I find myself wearing one of these "basics" just about every time I golf. Not only do they go great with more "fashion" pieces, but they never go out of style and can move seamlessly with my golf wardrobe year after year. And my favorite selection of basics fit me fantastic, so I always feel comfortable in them. What more can you ask for?

So, don't forget the basics when shopping for your spring ladies golf apparel! The black golf skort you buy this year could stay with you for the next 5 years or more, while the colorful striped version could be kicked to the curb in half that time (or less). Don't get me wrong - I love my fashion, colorful golf clothing. I just can't live without my basic black, white, and khaki clothing when it comes to golf.

For great basic golf skorts and tops, check out the Jofit line of ladies golf apparel. Their fabrics are super comfortable, flattering to your figure, and wear well season after season. They are also one of the more affordable lines of womens golf apparel.

- Jen

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