Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hybrid Golf Club Testing - Part 1

I had some free time today and decided to go test out 2 new hybrid clubs that came in the mail earlier in the week. I have been intrigued by hybrid golf clubs for a while now, but have virtually no experience with them.

When I first started playing golf I used a borrowed set of golf clubs from a friend of mine. The woods were from the 70's and were actually constructed of wood. I found them very difficult to hit, so I stuck to the irons. While those golf clubs are long gone, I still favor my irons over my woods. At some point along the way, I acquired two ladies hybrid clubs - a 4h and 5h - but never could hit them well at all. During my last round of golf lessons, I explained this problem to my golf pro. She immediately found the problem (or at least one of them!): the clubs were significantly too short! Since then, the clubs just ride around in my golf bag, but have never been used.

Recently I played golf with a lady who had recently switched from her irons to hybrid golf clubs and raved about them all day. According to her, they were easier to swing, added distance, and had overall improved her game greatly. This got me interested, again, in hybrids.

A few weeks ago I asked for some recommendations on ladies hybrid clubs. I received a great response from ladies all over the country, which was greatly appreciated! Here are 3 of the suggestions that I decided to test out:

1. Cobra Ladies Baffler 29 degree 5h (Retail $149.99)
2. Calaway FT Fusion Women's Hybrid 20 degree 3h (Retail $199)
3. Sweet Spot Ladies Hybrid 22 degree 4h (Retail $179)

The Sweet Spot hybrid club was damaged in shipping, so that will be included in Part 2 of the review.

After warming up, I first hit about 20 balls with the Callaway FT Fusion first. I found this club very difficult to hit. It felt very heavy and awkward to swing. While I made connection with the ball each time and the balls all went straight, only about 5 of the 20 hits were deemed "good" hits. The 20 degree loft made for a very low flight. With my best hits, the ball only went about 120-130 yards, which is less than I had expected for this club.

I then switched to the Cobra Ladies Baffler. After a couple initial hits, I immediately saw a huge improvement over the Callaway. First, the club is weighted a lot better than the first club (for me) and felt much more balanced in my hands. I am not crazy about the grip, but that is easy to change. Again, I hit about 20 balls with about 12 good hits out of the bunch, all of which went nice and straight. The average distance with this club was about 150 yards.

To be fair, I decided to give the Callaway another shot and hit about 15 more golf balls with it. Unfortunately, I had the same experience as I did with it originally. With each swing, the club felt heavier and heavier. I switched back to the Cobra and was surprised, again, with how different it felt from the Callaway. With a little practice, I think the Cobra Lady Baffler will become a club I really enjoy to use.

What's next? I will take all 3 hybrids back to the driving range for a second time once I receive the replacement Sweet Spot club and then take them out for 9 holes to see how they do in various conditions. Stay tuned!


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