Monday, August 3, 2009

Hybrid Ladies Golf Clubs - Any Suggestions?

I recently played golf with a lady who's pink golf bag was full of hybrid golf clubs. I currently have a 4h and 5h, but never use them. Long story short, my golf pro decided the ones I have are too short for me, which makes sense why I can't hit them well, or at least it's a good excuse! So, they sit in my golf bag with their fancy pink club covers and are never used. But, playing golf with this lady got me thinking. She said that she had just switched to the hybrid clubs this year and her game has improved a ton. Granted, she is playing much more golf this season than normal, but she really loved her hybrid clubs!

Does anyone have some good recommendations for hybrid clubs to try? I went to a big box store the other day, but could not get a salesperson to talk to me... Just a reminder on why I started Pink Golf Tees in the first place!

Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!


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docsharon said...

I LOVE my Lady Cobra Baffler Hybrids! I have a 4 and a 5. They are really easy to hit and I get great distance and flight. I can't hit a wood to save my life, and the hybrids are hit like an iron. My husband likes them too and he occasionally borrows them to take a shot here and there.