Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Identity Golf Ladies Golf Balls

At Pink Golf Tees, we're always looking for fun, new golf products. Our newest find is Identity Golf. Identity Golf offers a cute line of ladies golf balls with 5 fun "identity" designs. Choose from Classic, Empowered, Strong, Beautiful, and Driven for golf balls to match your mood. These women's golf balls come in a pack of 6 golf balls. Never have someone mistake your ball for theirs again! These ladies golf balls make a great gift for your golfer friends or to use yourself!


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Jucad Golftrolley said...

Golf ball technology is advancing at a rapid pace, the last ball is the improvement of four pieces. They combine the features of good distance, spin, and feel, are generally marketed towards the more experienced golfer to the PGA pro golfers. Each of the four layers helps to carry the ball as travel, turn, and feel. For a great distance from the driver's plenty of spin with the irons and wedges half with adequate supervision and feel with the putter.

Platzreife said...

Golf ball was introduced around 1848 and did restore golf as a popular game. It was not long for this gutty ball become the ball of your choice. It was easier to manufacture and therefore affordable for ordinary people. Gutta percha is a rubber that is the lifeblood of a tree in Malaysia.